DCSA call center numbers changing

SEPT. 27, 2023 Due to a change in phone carriers and a transfer to CallManager software, all DCSA call center numbers are changing effective October 2.  Of note, these are a few of the numbers that will change: The Customer Engagement Team (CET) has a new contact number.  For assistance with account deactivations, lockouts, logging […]

FBI Taps US Investigations Services for Fingerprint, Background Contract

  The Federal Bureau of Investigation tapped US Investigations Services with a multiple-year contract to resume channeling fingerprints to the federal agency, according to a press release. Under the ownership umbrella of Altegrity, the US Investigations Service is tasked with providing fingerprints to the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System. The firm then supplies national criminal […]

The Way to vs the Way Not to Address Financial Delinquencies

Two people sitting at a desk with computers.

For some, life events happen, they get down on their luck, and they eventually fall into the hole financially. Adjudicators and appeals judges are fully aware of this and take these factors into consideration when determining whether to grant clearance eligibility. You don’t need to pay all of the debt off, you just need to […]

DCSA Phishing Attempt

A person touching an image of a padlock.

DCSA has been made aware of a sophisticated malicious phishing email circulating which references the collection of an “SF-86_F†or an SF-86 (an example of the email is below).  Please do not engage with this email and advise your staff not to engage with it; you should report it to your security office or cyber security team and […]